The Daily Photo Thread


It’s a great photo … but one that (imo) can be improved by just one simple bit of editing … and that’s making the shadows a little lighter.
Another small part of another learning curve it you’ve not done this before.

That is the only change I’ve made to create this …


Im gonna sound dead stupid but how do you do this?! Incase you havent guessed I’m new to photography as well!


Most photo editing software has a function that can lighten shadows with a simple slider (and the associated darken highlights - not used on that).
Lightroom CC for mobile is free (for all the essential stuff), and for laptops there are a whole load of options (not all free).
I used Photoshop Elements (Laptop) for that tweak.


Okay nice one! Thanks :smiley:


Bosworth Park


I’ll be there on Thursday & Friday. Staying at Bosworth Hall. It’s a lovely park with plenty of walks around it.


Shard end lake in Birmingham

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A sunny one for you


And a snowy one! The Dolomites, Italy


And this castle has been crying out for a night time sortie…which I’ve managed to do this evening


Whereabouts in Italy is that?


Campo tures in the Dolomites, (up from Venice, down from Innsbrook)


Oh - I know the Dolomites!! Skiing, trekking, paragliding, camping.

Skied in Cortina several times … not far south of you.


The sun’s finally come through and the snow has stopped and there was some great skiing to be had today!


I took many great shots yesterday at Chatterley Whitfield Colliery but something about this one i love.


Some amazing textures and colours in that.
So strange how dilapidated/derelict buildings and structures can be so hypnotically beautiful - especially from the vantage point of the drone.


You are absolutely right. I could have stood there all day taking shots from all different view points.


Great shots @Proteous and very worthy of the Industrial Revolution badge which is now winging it’s way to your profile :smiley:


@Proteous Hi Jay
watched the video on you tube its a sad state of affairs leaving something like the for so long and no-one wants to do anything with it because of money.
great video BTW just need to work on the sharp turns which can be reduced with editing
I like the chimney shot looking down