The Daily Photo Thread


Been to Cardiff a few times as my daughter went to University there, and the bay looks a great place to fly - loving those photos Rich especially with the sun and the silhouette of the sails (I think that’s what they are.)


Good news, then … because if your photo shows where they lost the rugby, they can use it to find it again … a bit like a lost drone … right?


They are really good.


Great set of photos there Richard, love 6 and 7 with the silhouettes


You just have to pick your spot Brian, I’ve only flown there twice but it is a nice place to fly.
Yes, they are some sort of sail sculpture thing.

Only if they see my photo, through the tears I very much doubt it though :laughing:

Thank you.

Thank you Chris, I think 7 is the best myself with the rowers.


2nd look, I agree


My wife is always doing that with F1 !


Are they all stills?
I like the rowers 8 onwards if they where a video probably in slow mo too


The first three are photos, the rest are stills from the video I shot.
I only shot at 24fps so a slo mo wouldn’t work sorry Jeff.
Finding the time to put something together is the problem.


Between breakfasts…:grin:


No guessing as to where i was this mornin’! I’m pretty sure i stayed 50m away… there were a dozen folk with their"conventional" cameras and tripods waiting to catch the Dawn from the lookout i took off from…i did feel a bit of pity for them, glued to the earth like that.


Bet they were jealous
Did they come over to see what you had taken ?


Nice, I so keep meaning to take some there, didn’t give it a thought for this morning.
What were you flying?


Nice! :+1:

Gets you the Golden Hour Flyer Badge, too. :wink:


Brunel’s Masterpiece looking resplendent in the dawn mist.
What a great set of shots !.


It was a little strange. A lot of respect of personal space and No One talking to each other!


The trusty old Mavic pro! Who needs anything else?


Me :laughing:


Some more from yesterday.


Yup, you’re right, I’m not guessing… because I don’t have a bloody clue :blush:

So I’ll raise my hand and ask the question…

Where’s this at mate?