The development of Drone Scene continues!

Hot on the heels of our update a couple of weeks ago that saw National Trust layers and Satellite base maps expand the feature set, we’re pleased to announce another update to Drone Scene!

Some notable changes in this release see the addition of a Search Box.

In the search box you can enter a street address, a town or a postcode, or a set of co-ordinates in a “lat,lng” format, eg: 56.88971, -4.673288

You will also notice that we now display the co-ordinates of each Location that GADC members have added.

This should be ideal for using on other mapping applications and/or entering in to your sat nav:

Another great change that we’ve made is to cluster the Location markers.

Displaying several hundred markers on the map was making it look very cluttered:

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 19.25.22

We now cluster them in to neat groups!

You can simply click on a cluster to zoom in and expand it, or simply pan and zoom around the map and the clusters will automatically expand and contract as you go.

We’ve also changed the way we handle the adding of Locations when they fall inside a FRZ.

Previously you needed to tick a box to confirm the Location was not inside a FRZ. This was counterintuitive as some Locations inside FRZs can be flown perfectly legally with the correct permission having been obtained.

We now ask you for a few more details about the flight itself:

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 19.32.11

We also squashed a couple of bugs and made a coupe of minor changes elsewhere.

For the technically minded / curious:

Release notes (click to expand)
  • Added a Search box
    So you can quickly jump to an area

  • Added the co-ordinates of each Location in to the info-balloon
    And also in to the Details section below the map

  • Added the Category and Region to the Location Details
    Because we were displaying them in the page <title> tag and nowhere else

  • Fixed a bug that prevented images being uploaded if the file extension was in capital letters (eg. filename.jpg would work but filename.JPG would fail
    Thanks to @macspite for reporting this issue

  • Fixed an issue that prevented text from wrapping around an image
    When viewing a single Location, the description text was pinned to the right hand side of the screen instead of wrapping neatly around the image preview

  • Fixed an issue that caused the location marker to display somewhere other than where you placed it
    If you tried to drop a marker pin on a location that had a Layer element in the same place the marker pin would be added to the location on the map that you last clicked on
    Thanks to @OzoneVibe for working out how to replicate this issue

  • Improved the performance of the Location markers
    As loading 500+ markers was taking a couple of seconds. It now takes less than 0.3s

  • Cluster the Location markers
    In a heat-map type arrangement

  • Persist the viewing location when changing pages
    Clicking on Add Location used to reset the map back to the whole of the UK
    Thanks to @mockingbird71 for this Feature Request

  • Changed the way we handle Locations being added that fall inside a FRZ
    As some flights can be legally made inside a FRZ with the correct permissions having been obtained
    Thanks to @stubbyd for this Feature Request

  • Prevented layers being clicked on while adding a Location
    When trying to drop a marker pin on a location that was over a Layer (eg. Parks, FRZs, etc) the info-balloon was appearing (as expected) but what you really want to do was drop a pin on the map

  • Fixed a bug that meant photographs need to be uploaded again if the form wasn’t correctly completed
    Thanks to @OzoneVibe for finding this bug

As always, we hope you enjoy these new features and please do keep adding your locations to the map!


This just keeps getting better and better - thank you for a most valuable resource and all the effort to put it all together :+1: :+1: :+1:


Great work gents defo moving in the right direction !


Yeah - Rich codes, and I pick the holes in it. #GreatTeamWork :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s you guys doing the coding and the back room stuff ! Team effort ! Just wondered if there was a badge for it lol


I do like the layer where you’ve got rid of all the markers that develop as you click on the number as you zoom in

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I have to say, Rich has done a fantastic job. It’s all become really tidy and slick. :+1:


Is rich a coder ! Reminds me I have to do some cleanup work on my website lol

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

We’re all ears if anyone has any feature requests to improve Drone Scene even further :+1:t2:

Which reminds me, I must ask for that Devil’s Advocate card back :smiling_imp:


Loving the cluster aspect, and that I’m basically the cause of one of them :rofl: :rofl:


Awesome work!! Very nice

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It really is a superb piece of work. Well done.


We’ve made some more changes to Drone Scene today.

  • Changed the stacking order of objects inside a Layer
    – This should help make some items “more clickable”

  • Split Airports out in to a Layer of their own
    – So you can now view them separately from the Flight Restrictions Layer

  • Split NOTAMs out in to a Layer of their own
    – See below

  • Made NOTAM Layer always display “above” other Layers
    – Some Airspace Restrictions are the exact size and shape as some NOTAMs, meaning you could not always see/get to the NOTAM because it was below the Airspace Restriction
    @JoeC this will help with your Birkhall example recently

  • Made the Titles in the Location balloon popups clickable links to the Location URL itself
    – Just because :man_shrugging:

  • Changed Search function to exclude full addresses and instead start at Town level
    – Much as we love the search tool we introduced, it was always trying to match an address first
    – This made it almost impossible to simply find a town or area
    – We no longer try to match addresses meaning you can search for “Birkhall” and get usable results
    – Postcode searches will still work
    – As will Co-ordinates in a "lat,lng" format


You guys are relentless! Thanks for the hard work, it’s a brilliantly useful tool :slight_smile: