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For severe weather and hostile environment applications my go to tape is self amalgamating tape. It’s very grippy and has survived more than 20 years when used on outdoor RF connections.

I’ve found it useful on tight XT60 plugs as it provides a excellent finger grip when pulling batteries off models in cold and wet conditions.

For exposed electrical connections, such as where you solder your motors to 4in1 ESC’s and other similar exposed solder points I use liquid tape. This provides protection from shorts when you go down in wet grass, and is easy to remove if you need to do a motor swap. It’s also a suitable alternative to heatshrink tubing when you don’t have tubing of a suitable diameter for the wire diameter you’re using.

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That is defiantly true… it does crack…

I have had plates and screws in me that have fractured from fatigue. I’m hoping the new titanium alloys fair much better.

£209, estimated shipping date: 20/12/2022, expected arrival date: 24/12/2022

Dilemma. Kids presents or drone gear :thinking:


You need to buy it. Not so that we can try it. Well yeah so we can try it

So whens it arriving and how are you gonna give the kids the bad news Chris?

It’s sorted, Steve. I’m giving the camera module to my son and the transmission module to my daughter.

Just bought this, designed for the O3 with the bigger camera.

Just sayin’ Chris, these mothers reach top speed within 1 second. No reason to keep your left thumb up for much longer than that when the next gale blows

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OK. Well, on the plus side, I didn’t buy a duff one then. The downside is that its probably awol on its maiden flight.

Thats a really tasty frame Chris and very en vogue :heart_eyes:
Have you bought a few spare arms too?


You’re assuming he’ll find the rest of it

Nah. I’m just going build it and hang in on my kids wall, its their christmas present after all.

£72 delivered from Canada. Not sure if that’s decent. But love the look of the frame. Not sure what “en vogue” means. But if it’s “grrrrr” … then yeah.

Can you be my Dad Chris? :laughing:

Sure. These aren’t my kids either, they look nothing like me. They follow me everywhere. Does my head in.

Like tyres on a car, don’t skimp on your frame
Bale, Wales, December 2022

Thats not too bad, I payed similar for my Apex frame and that was shipped from England lol

Fashionable lol its the frame of the season at the moment :grin:

What’s the random footie reference though?