The Glenelg Turntable Ferry

An extra video for today - given the BBC feature on this ferry is their number one content today - taken in rather a hurry last week just prior to our trip ‘over the seas to Skye’.

Unfortunately I missed filming the Ferry leaving as we were in the Cabin getting some of the very best fresh coffee I have ever had (Skye Coffee Roasters). Add in the fact that the most charged of the batteries we had only had 65% left, which meant I was preoccupied in making sure I had enough battery left to return on what was forecast to be a windy day - plus I was flying right at the limits of VLOS (Visual Line of Sight), so the footage is fairly hum drum - certainly not up to match the epic footage in the recent BBC feature.

It is what it is, I could do better, but still, it documents the crossing until such time as I can return again and have another attempt at the subject.