The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!

:slight_smile: Not mine, sadly. That was a hell of a road trip gig. Drove from London to Cap Ferrat in the Wraith, picked up the Atom there, photo shoot on the riviera and in Monaco and then drove the two back in convoy…

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After last weeks pre wedding photo-shoot in Dundee I took a drive over the Tay Bridge to Newport-on-Tay looking for a sunset pic.

Dundee & The Tay Bridge - Nikon Z6II 4 image HDR.


Sunset from Shipley Glen.


I’m not sure if this should be in the “Questions and Answers” thread, but I’m sure someone will move it if needed.

I saw this sign in a Coca Cola store in Disney today.
From its location, I know what it’s for, but wonder if anyone can guess what this sign is there to tell you about???

I’ll let you all know tomorrow :slight_smile:

An interesting spot this morning passing the London Excel Centre which is hosting the world’s leading defence and security event starting tomorrow…

Placed on a floating hotel across from the centre…. Some kind of anti-drone tech???

DSEI has had its fair share in the past anti-war protests .


Few pics in Leeds last night.


another Morcambe bay sunset, this one with the Nikon.


Winter’s Covered

Taken after the storm


Stunning Steve

Taken by my mate while he was on duty last night.


In the background talking to the female officer, brown jacket and my hair was going then😪, unable to upload the clip at mo

Spent many an afternoon down Carlton Lanes in Cas watching filming with me old dad ;o)

Walking for Cancer Research

The rain arrived just as they commenced the walk.


@MA2flyer Shame that Barrie. We did a 17 mile walk over the Peak District in Winter for the Heart Foundation 11 yrs ago after my Dad passed away. Snowed less than half a mile in, way more than half packed in at the half way point. There were just 4 or 5 cars left in the car park that was full when we left it. Good causes though. :+1:

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