The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Long long ago before the dawn of DJI…
Tricopter GY401 gyros, Helicomand for position hovering.



This is Tux, 1 year old working Cocker


My pet butterfly that flew away.


That had me genuinely laughing out loud! :+1::+1:


Same here :+1:


Ok, at the risk of embarrassing myself (which seems to happen on a regular basis just lately), am I the only one actually seeing a butterfly in that photo…?


Did you think it was an imaginary pet Rich? :rofl:


Well, no… I thought it was a photo showing NO butterfly, hence the “it flew away” part of the joke.

I suspect I’m just not getting the joke though…

So I’m going to quietly step out of this thread now before I start thinking that cows laying in a field are random dogs :rofl:


Speaking of cows, here’s our pet one called Daisy



I think she walked over to the next field :slightly_frowning_face:








When I was a spy I had to go and photograph the inside of a Russian tank…

it was locked so I cut a hole in the back!


Out of the bedroom window, 2 minutes ago.
Straight off the phone without processing.


Another from outside the house.
Love the reflection in the car roof.


I agree !, amazing colourful sunset with great cloud formations round here in Norwich.
Did manage to get the “Air” up, briefly !


Just a few



Some great pics! :+1: