The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


I’m in the same stable. Most of my stuff is geared towards supporting my other half’s travel blog business, so I carry a boat load of kit, or a selection of it, depending on what I need and where we are travelling.

Sony a6000.
Lenses: A 50mm prime, 16mm pancake, 10mm to something Sony ultrawide, 18-200mm Sony zoom.
Polariser filter
Selection of ND filters & ND grads
The usual round of accessories, batteries, spare SD cards, cleaning cloths etc.

GoPro Hero 5
Removo S1 gimbal
Rode videomic & deadcat
Baseball cap with GoPro mount
Chesty GoPro chest strap
Half a ton of cables, chargers, spare batteries etc

Carbon fibre tripod
Mini tripod
GoPro selfie stick with built in tripod
Various paraphernalia for attaching anything including smartphone to any of these.

Ibuprofen and telephone number for a local chiropractor to use after I put my back out.


I like it


I’ve still got this :t_rex:


Is it a flux capacitor :wink:


Ok I have to ask why do you have it
there’s only @chrisjohnbaker I would call wildlife in Norfolk



I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking at. :rofl:


I have no idea what you mean…

Great set of pics you posted there @BrianB :+1:


The one on the right looks like he will have you leg off soon


Thanks Rich. Trouble is these days that I want to spend so much time flying my Mavic Air that my poor old Fuji XT2 is starting to sulk and I think may soon start divorce proceedings on the grounds of abandonment!:joy:


Now you’re showing my age :dizzy_face:


I still have my Zenith somewhere


At last I have a brother :nerd_face:


Me too, first ‘serious’ camera a TTL, Christmas present as a 13 year old in 1981. Shutter had a kick like a 12 bore.

It got me through half my degree course before moving onto Canon gear.


Oye!, less of the cheek, Jeff !!.
(The Zookeeper here at Banham Zoo, has let me out of my pen, to answer your post!):gorilla:


I’ll take the fifth amendment here…


when I was a spy, I had to go and photograph Russian warships!

and American ones!


Spy …really …wow


is this where we’re supposed to put pictures of our dogs?

This is Monty, one of our two miniature schnauzers.


I spy with my little eye !, 2 genuine Russian Nuclear Subs !!

I was on a Secret assignment !, in St Petersburgh


ADORABLE!!! :heart_eyes:

And a great photo too :smiley: