The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!



What a quacking photo!! :+1:


@MementoMori pup isn’t so pup-looking anymore :scream:

@joe.k what does ‘tone mapped’ mean mate?


Ah . … that’s my Photomatix HDR software sticking its mark on the file name.


It’s a process that creates an image that has pseudo HDR appearance.


HDR look alike from a single image.
It’s a reasonable way of polishing turds.




He’s only 10 months old :smiley:


It’s a puppy


What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday morning

This morning


Shit happens :grin:
It’s that dark here I have lights on in the kitchen…
Winter is coming


Best picture I have seen is a long while
Well done…DOF is amazing


Joe out of interest could I have some more info on the photo
Lens used
Camera etc…

Greats shot by the way
Cheers Jeff


Original Meta Data

Post Processing
Did this 9 years ago
Camera upgraded Still have the original Lens - Tokina 12-24 F4 (IF) DX
click on images to expand -
Exposure time different as original is one of 3 images (HDR)


Thanks joe
Nice to see exif
I use it a lot to remember when I took stuff
While I have been off work I have been sorting my photos out into year and month order where possible and have some gaps where I hadn’t taken photos when I lost my mojo but since I got the Mavic it’s started again except it’s now more videos



The key ingredients to this HDR - high shutter speeds cos dem birds move.
Same aperture for all shots to keep the same DOF.
Food for bait.
Remote shutter release.
Sit back and wait.


Find this at the Natural History Museum. Just had to FS out all the wires hanging it together.


New York skyline from the Manhatten Bridge.


Very nice.


one from Amsterdam.