The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Did you use lightroom to edit out the red lights? :smirk:

Nice picture though.


ok following on from my Litchi thread (see below) i also took my camera on the walk round before my flight so i did another video of them hope you like


Looks awfully high up! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Approximately 100m higher than I was.


Nearer 130m apparently ….


Exactly 40 years apart. Me at 17, about to go off to a press photography college course, and then me at 57, having failed miserably at a photographic career!

The original camera was a Nikon SP, now a collector’s item, which I sold at college for £60 to get a Nikon F.
The second is a limited edition Nikon SP, from the original tooling, which I bought for £3000 as an investment when my mum died and left me a bit. I sold it later for £2500. So failed as a photographer and failed as an investor!


I was Practika-Mat in the late 60s, Minolta SR-T101 (a pair!) in early 70s, added a Bronica S2A (with an awesome pair if lenses!) in mid 70s, Minolta SR7 x 2 in the early 80s and Minolta Dynax 7000i late 90’s that I still have.
One day I’ll try feeding them some celluloid again.


Yes, me too Practika and Bronica S2A. Then Nikon FTN. I used to love the Bronica though.
I now have a Canon 550D (which I hardly ever use) and a Canon 500D, which I modded for astrophotography. Mostly use my iPhone (and Mavic)! I’m thinking of getting a Moondog anamorphic lens for the iPhone.


OK, it’s shit. :grin:


Haha, only kidding, of course it’s not. There are some lovely shots there. The only pet peeve of mine is when there are vertical shots in a video, with black bars down each side. In my book, the only valid shot in a video is the same as the screen, horizontal (landscape) format.


As far as I know, Steven Spielberg never turned the camera sideways. :grinning:


For the S2A I had the default 75mm and that massive expanse of glass that was the 50mm Nikkor. Some cracking pics with that!


Beautiful shot. Perfect depth of focus.


I’ve just bought a negative scanner to finally digitize a huge suitcase full of old photos, the kids growing up, long gone pets and getting caught in the Northridge earthquake in California in 1994.


I was in SF just a short while after the 1989 quake. It was all still a bit of a mess.
I was spared a lot of neg/slide scanning after I got home to my new flat one Sunday evening to see the fire brigade just packing up, after the flat below had a kitchen fire. A great loss. Silly things like hundreds of F1 and Le mans tickets over the years.
All I had left was what was still in my mother’s attic.


See that’s why he never got anywhere…


Oh no, you must have been gutted! Very precious things.
I lost hundreds of B&W negatives that were in a loft during a flat move and the incoming tenant prematurely cleared everything to the dump. Loads of 60’s bands, both Isle of Wight festivals, etc.etc.


With the two photos on Ash’s thread I was reminded of an image I constructed 4 years ago when I was getting material ready for a self-photobook - a book to explain to my grandchildren about where my roots are from. The B&W photo is me at the front of our house in 1960-61 when I was 7 or 8 years old taken by a Texan, Joe Capello from Houston, who, during WW II, was an American airman based at Wharton in Lancashire, and who used to lodge with my grandparents in Lytham. He suddenly turned up, unannounced, to see my father (who was a teenager during WW II).

For my photobook I’m holding the original 54 years old photo at arm’s length in front of our old house in 2014 in an attempt to get the perspective correct - almost did it.:thinking:


Great photo Barry, I had to give it a double take! :+1:


A couple of pictures from sunrise yesterday whilst out on the Golden Hour hunt! Actually the images I got from the drone were that special, but these were taken from the top of Butser Hill, near Petersfield, Hampshire