The Hidden Hut - Cornwall

(A bit of a mixed topic post, this.)

I like my food!

Down on the Cornish coast there’s a really nice, isolated, beach café. And on selected evenings during the summer they put on “Feast Nights”.
You bring booze, cutlery, plates, etc. … they do the food.

No idea how I found out about the place about three years ago, but these nights seemed rather good.
It’s difficult to justify a 300 mile round-trip for a meal … but that hadn’t stopped me trying to make one of these evenings, however, and probably the best testament to their quality/popularity, was the near impossibility of getting a ticket when they are released at midday on the 1st of the month for that month’s feasts.

Since I was going to be down here for other reasons, AND the menu for the event coincident with me being down here (Lobster & Chips) was exactly my kind of thing, I was delighted when my frantic button clicking on Eventbrite secured a ticket. (Once I had mine, I checked, everything for June had sold out!)

So drone pics of the location (to be on-topic), and some supporting pics of the event.

Drone pics …

Ground shots …

The Feast …


YUM! What a great find… Very jealous :+1::+1::+1:

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