The Humber Bridge, flying it

Aerial filming of the Humber Bridge, during September 2023, at the ‘Meet’ organised by @milkmanchris
Hope you enjoy :smiley:


Great video - but VLOS must have been challenging! Or can you walk across it?

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Yes, this bridge has walkways.

@wrsdrone Not that it’s any concern of yours, but I was spotting for him so that he could concentrate on filming :+1:t2:

And I’ll just leave this here:



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If you can’t be arsed clicking the link :+1:

This is a ‘No Drone-Police Zone (NDPZ)’

You are responsible for your own actions; nobody else.

Grey Arrows Drone Club committee are not the ‘drone police’.

Similarly, Grey Arrows Drone Club members are not the drone police either.

Do not police other members.


In my personal opinion about the way the question came across, that was a reasonable question from @wrsdrone, and an unpleasant response from you. If I’m flying a drone where somebody else has been before, I too would like to learn from somebody else’s experience, and likewise share my own insights, tips and observations regarding difficulties and hazards and how to overcome them or bypass them; I thought that this is group was about?


Pretty much person dependant and what has been flown.