The lovely village of Cromford, Derbyshire. 4K

I was up early Saturday morning to take this lovely flight around the village of Cromford.
I started the video of looking like Im simply walking with a camera on a dolly but then we go over the water and up.



My old motorcycle stomping ground as I used live in Clay Cross and often rode through Matlock and Cromford. Nice video giving a new perspective of the area.


Been through there hundreds of times on motor bikes over the years but it looks amazing the way you see it from the air well done great job, :+1:

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Ah yea super popular route for bikers.
Thanks, shame the Masson mills place didn’t survive covid


Very nice. I was around there on Sunday between Cromford Wharf and High Peak Junction, photographing the Little Grebes.

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Thanks, yes amazing how seeing a familiar place from the air changes how you thought you knew it, driven through hundreds of times but never seen it like this before.

Its a lovely area isnt it. And the weather was good, shame Winter seems to have come back !

@comedyhunter ….just watched a programme on bbc4 about this village :- pubs ponds and power ….the story of the village

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oh wow, what channel was that on? Yes its a lovely area to visit, lots to see.
See my driving video through that area…

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