The Mini 3 is so great at night!

Vegan Camp Out festival at Bicester, near Oxford at the weekend.


If you copy the HTML to publish on GADC it will open fully.


Hey thanks Ian.

The “How to” for the HTML is here : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC

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@ash2020 hey, I was there too and flew my Mini 2 at night, your footage looks better but I’ll post mine later anyway! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Yeah, it was a great weekend. The food was amazing. Glad we took most of our own booze though. Don’t like paying £7 for a 440ml can!
I think maybe the Mini 3 has the edge on the Mini 2 for low light.
Someone flew a big drone right across the site, a bit naughty, that sort of thing gets us all a bad name.
Maybe catch up next year.

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Not got my footage sorted yet and it’s only a brief look at the funfair rides really and yes Mini 3 Def got the edge. Didn’t see a large drone and yes a bit naughty.
Took our own booze too!

Eventually got a bit of my footage sorted! @ash2020

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Nice. I was quite tempted but thought it might annoy people.

It does. :+1:

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Little chance of disturbing anyone with the noise and music from the fairground rides😁