The mystery of the Specta Air, Anzu Robotics Raptor T, and other white label DJI clones - Everything you need to know


I see this about a week ago, also Sean G Vana done a review on this yesterday if you’ve not seen it all ready, maybe worth a watch, don’t worry it’s a short review :grin:

No f off :joy:


Post it :man_running:t2::dash::dash::dash:

Been struggling to get to sleep lately, might give it a watch tonight :+1:t2: :ok_hand:t2: :grin:


I managed 3 mins of the GV review, until I closed it… man… how… ffs…

I watched it too. I’m wondering why DJI are allowing this as there does seem to be some connection between the company and DJI :wink:

DJI are making the drone, it’s a white labeled Air 3.

When DJI get banned in USA and every single DJI drone gets grounded and can’t take off, they’ll simply enter the US market under the new guise and sell another few million drones all over again.

It’s a shame they’re state-owned, otherwise I’d be buying shares in DJI today before they pull off this absolute blinder of a move :smiley:


Yes, I wondered if this was DJI trying to circumvent a possible ban on their drones. Mind you this is the US where anything made in China is suspect. ( unless it’s the latest iPhone ) I see they’re on about banning TikTok now. ( yeah it’s spying on you ) I’m sure the US will soon become an electronics wasteland. Millions of mobile phone brands , drones, foreign cars etc, consigned to landfill :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The manual
spectra-air-manual.pdf (7.6 MB)

“They” even have their own FCC listings :rofl:

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Shout if you stumble across their app :wink:

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I was wondering earlier & tried to find out, what app will it take to work this would anyone know :thinking:
Edit : message above was not there when typing this :grimacing:

It looks like its just a rebranded DJI Fly app

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Word on the street is that it’s hitting DJI servers for registration, activation and firmware version checks.

What a coincidence :rofl:

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