The next RTF competition subject - July 4th to 17th - CROPS!

+++ If you have an idea for a subject for a future RTF competition please contact @macspite or @McSteamy2010 c/o McMac Productions, Suite FA, Sodd Hall, Loxley Barrett, Borsetshire BO1 1EX.

If your suggestion is chosen by your peers any image you enter will be given TWO bonus votes! +++

Here we go again!

Yet another RTF Photo (and video) competition

Three potential subjects but only one will be chosen

And YOU do the choosing! Select your preference below.

So which will become the subject for your images in the Reason To Fly Photo (and video) Competition for July 4th to July 17th?


Love the attention to detail on the “rooftops” option. :+1: Did you have that font to hand or did you have to go looking for it? :slight_smile:

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quick google for “beatles font” brought up the bootle font. Annoyingly it only has the B and the T as oversize letters as in the original BeaTles logo

Nice one. I’m a bit of a font addict myself.

I vote for “crops”

Silly question: Have you checked the box for your choice?

Yes I did that. Is that all you have to do? I was looking for"send"or something like that🤔!

What are the other fonts?

No send button on this poll as it is single choice. As with the rest of the topic creation tools the poll is quite sophisticated. For instance as the poll for the competition winners closes the order of the entries changes to show the choices in descending order of votes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation!

“Abandoned” is a font called 1942 Report

Crops - can’t remember!

In the picture below the font is “Marijuana”

And the popular vote for the subject for the RTF Photo and Video Competition for the 14 days July 4th to July 17th is

<ba dum, ba dum, dum, TISH!>


</ba dum, ba dum, dum, TISH!>