The Non-Drone, High as a Kite Aerial Image Competition - February 1st to 28th


Announcing The Non-Drone, High as a Kite Aerial Image Competition

This is a simple competition. Bucking the current trend for taking photos with drones seemingly at eye-level or below we are asking you to take pictures that look like aerial photos using anything but a drone.

So go to the top floor of your local multi-storey car park; walk out onto the roof of that block of flats; take that clifftop walk in the chill winter wind …

The subject is open to you; whatever image you offer needs to look like it was taken from a considerable height; you may use any photographic apparatus except a drone/UAS/UAV/camera lifted by an aerial device.


The competition starts on Sir Stanley Matthews’ birthday and ends on the anniversary of Mr Ed’s death - (1st to 28th February)

It’s your choice of subject, our decision on whether it is sufficiently high above eye level – so strive for height!

The contents of the image must be as taken by the camera - no additions, deletions or substitutions.

Cropping and colour manipulation is allowed but please, none of those god-awful pictures that are HDR’ed to the max and beyond!

Tell us about the subject and (mandatory) tell us what piece of kit you used to take the picture. If you have a handy observer/partner/elder brother or sister get them to take a picture of you taking your picture and include that with your entry.

Images will be entered into a poll. Anyone may vote for just the one image as their favourite. The person with the most votes is the winner. No prizes though, we’re not made of money!

If we get a mad flurry of entries (and why not, this is dead easy to take part in) we may institute weekly heats to keep the size of the polls reasonable then have a poll of polls at the end.

We promise to behave and to keep the use of the sarcasm key on our terminals to a minimum if you wouldn’t mind keeping the smart-alec remarks and the flagrant breaches of rules, logic and etiquette to a similar low-level.

Have Fun!

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Selfie on the end of a crane :scream::smiley:

That’s me out :rofl:

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Nice try!


Be back soon…

Taken today on my Samsung S22 Ultra. No editing, straight off the phone.


Nice photo. Where is it? :blush:

Ladybower Reservoir.

Taken from Knaresborough War Memorial over looking River Nidd.
08/2/2023 - 12:00.
DJI pocket 2.


Taken from Sky Garden London 11th Jan 2023 with iPhone 14 Pro Max

High enough?

Taken from Carlisle Bridge, west coast mainline over the river Lune showing Lune quayside, castle & priory. Google Pixel 7.


Taken from the old footbridge next to the disused RoRo terminal in Fleetwood, using a DJI Osmo mounted on a monopod

Pic of the camera setup for added height, with 3D printed adapter


Well, I was supposed to have rooftop access to the Fort Dunlop building later today as part of an Instagram thing, but the building manager has cancelled due to the high winds. Not sure if it will get rescheduled for another date in February, but I can’t see that there’s a limit on entires for this one??

So, before I forget, here’s one from 13th February during golden hour at the top of the Library of Birmingham. Taken with the Sony Alpha 7 IV and the Tamron 28-200mm lens. (90mm, 1/250, f8, ISO 100)

In shot you can see 103 Colmore Row, at 108ft is the tallest office building outside of London. Also layered into the shot, the building with the clock tower is the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, the curvy building in front is one Chamberlain Square, a new building constructed when Paradise Forum and the old library was demolished. It houses Price Waterhouse Cooper, restaurants and apartments. The black and red building is the Cophorne Hotel. Currently awaiting demolition.

Sadly no picture of me taking the picture.


I remember having a tour Round Fort Dunlop @ 10 yrs ago, or so, whilst sorting out a works contract with them. It was fascinating to see the full manufacturing process.


This seems to have been the ugly stepchild of the competitions. Based on the small entry for this challenge and the tendency to eye-level shots in the various drone competitions we can only conclude that the bulk of GADC members suffer from Acrophobia. Nonetheless, well done to those who did take up this challenge and thank you for your entries which are, as always, printed as a poll to pick a winner.

The poll will close at 21:30 on Thursday, March 2nd.

Thank you all for competing and I hope you will contribute if we run this competition again in the future. Meanwhile we are pleased to announce that we have a clear winner, with a picture that certainly looks as though a drone was involved, looking at the Tower of London and the River Thames from the Sky Garden by @Speedbird

So thank you and congratulations to Mike and see you all next time!




Humbled am I!

Thank you