RTF Competition February 26th to March 11th - Vote for the Subject


It has been a hectic and somewhat unsettling week a tChall Com HQ. Expecting a flood of entries for the Pilots’ Calendar and High as a Kite competitions we had drafted in some extra help. The agency sent us some frankly unsuitable types, some of whom had previously been employed here but had left, often without the blessing either of the high heid yins or of their colleagues.

Due to the disappointingly low numbers of entries for the above competitions those of us who do strive to keep the competitions running as smoothly as possible have had to listen to the sounds of footballs being kicked around the corridors, half-heard snide or obscene whispered comments as we pass their desks (should they deign to occupy them) and our favourite tables in the roof terrace cafeteria being constantly occupied.

Well, they have met a short, sharp shock. Illness has struck the heads of the most popular of the challenges! RTF is suffering from an outbreak of the comedically named disease shingles while the Fast and Furious Editor has apparently been struck by an infestation of weans, whatever that may be.

So, with senior staff decimated, the RTF competition is in the hands of the lesser talents, the rag, tag and bobtails of the Challenge community. They have run the Randomizer™ for ithis cycle of choosing subjects and, seemingly without major incident, the following have been chosen for your ultimate choice:

The poll will close on Saturday 25th at 22:00 - you have a week to weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

And you also have only just over a week to post your entries for either or both the High as a Kite or the Pilots’ Calendar competitions

I’ve voted for fishing purely because I want to see what comedy subjects people may come up with. Plus it’s potentially more challenging. Hoping other regs might get persuaded and follow suit. :wink:

And we thought it was an inclusive subject!

Angling is one of the nation’s top hobbies and, although its contribution to the UK GNP is vanishingly small the politicians seem to get into a right old lather when it comes to quotas, territorial waters and general Brexit buffoonery.

So, whether you live in Sunny Fleetwood or deepest Derbyshire you should be able to find fishing activity of some sort near you! :slight_smile:

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PS the rag tags have screwed up both links to the calendar comp. They both go to the current RTF

Ooooh! You wait till the boss hears about this!

Mr Grimsdale!


Me too as i’ve got a fishing trip planned between those dates lol

Its also not the first time fishing has been a subject of mine: