The Rollright Stones

Had a run out at 6.30 this morning to this neolithic site. Shame the sun was in and out, but hey.


I remember going to the Rollrights years ago, I often think about popping over with the drone. Nice vid.

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Really enjoyed that fine vid :+1:
Living where I do, there are numerous examples which I intend filming them all when lockdown ends. They are well worth doing throughout the country I reckon.
As a side note, that “5* Camper” is just outstanding and exactly what I am looking for - it wouldn’t be yours by chance ?

No, I must admit that annoyed me as it detracted from the scene (but then again, I suppose the cars passing by did) lol. Had it have been mine I would have moved it, at least for the shoot.

Thank you for looking and commenting.

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