The weekends pano

Caught another sunrise on Saturday morning, was so cold I didn’t hang around long as even with gloves I couldn’t feel my fingers after a few minutes. Anyway, was long enough to capture this, although I messed up the exposure by underexposing way too much (it’s always a bit tricky with such contrasty light). But the overall effect is quite pleasing.


This might be a silly question, but as I’ve not used this mode I don’t know.

If you’re set to capture photos in JPG+RAW does it still do this for panos? Or does it only grab a jpg version?

It captures both.

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That’s handy!

So you could essentially post-edit a pano then :slight_smile:

Yes, post edit the shots individually (lengthy process but can get the best results), or batch edit with PhotoShop which can work very well.