For me photos and videos was my motivation, I am a keen enthusiast photographer with some good kit but the Mavic Pro will let me take photos and videos that I could never take being land based. I want to take it along the Jurasic Coast in Dorset and hopefully get some great shots. Haven’t got there yet as I want to get a bit more familiar with it before I start flying over the sea.
p.s. It also seems great fun.


Here’s an interesting Instagram account with some shots of Jurassic Coast that might motivate you. :wink:


Hi. I don’t consider I’ve flown properly yet. Smashed my Mavic pro into a wall yesterday. I’m expecting it to not perform properly next time. It was entirely my fault. Not set up properly. So it didn’t know what it was doing. The thrill I got the first time I flew was amazing. I aim to get proficient enough to fly a metre or so above a stream, filming as I go. Then put sound effects on the vid.
If my Mavic is busted. I will buy another.


In what way?


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Bing

Sorry to hear about the crash :frowning:


I’ve flown it again. It’s a tough little thing.
Bent a front leg but worst of all, I’ve lost the return to home facility. The app is showing a fault. I have no idea how to set about resolving it. The RTH facility is more important than I first thought.


because I don’t live In Bournemouth


What fault is showing?

Is it in ATTI mode?


I’ll come back to you Calum. Thanks.


For me it all started just for fun, once up there flying around I got to liking the views and started to enjoy the video. Now I have a long term goal to put together some sights of the Medway in Kent, pleasure boats, commercial shipping, historic buildings, wrecks etc. Maybe in a year or so I’ll have enough footage.

Recently I rolled back the software to .700, really liked the way she flew again. Then I mixed modules to get the new features, but I’ve just gone back again ‘cause she seems to handle better and I enjoy getting the shots manually.

Happy flying :sunglasses:


Hi Callus.
I downloaded DJI assistant 2. Great app. Did a calibration test. Great, all went well. Flown since. All is working well except Return to home. This facility is, I think, quite useful.

Regards David.


RTH not working … using the button on the RC as well as in the app?

Or is this the smart RTH on low battery?

Or RTH on RC disconnection?


David, you mentioned in your last post the app was showing an error, is that still the case?

When you initiate return to home are you holding button on controller rather than pressing?

What colour is the led indicator on rear of mavic when you take off?

What mode is Mavic showing on take off? GPS, OPTI, ATTI?


No Calum. It just doesn’t work at all. I don’t have RTH. I miss it too. If you loose sight of the drone. It’s a great really easy solution. Don’t know how I’m gonna sort it yet. May have to send it or take it somewhere to get it fixed.


I’m probably doing something wrong. But it hasn’t worked since I crashed it.


Whereabouts are you located?


Halifax in West Yorkshire.


A bit too far for me to “pop round” to see if I can help … from Southampton. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey. I got it working! Someone suggested holding the RTH button instead of just pressing it. It worked! All I need now is to get a replacement front leg which got

bent when it crashed. Still usable but bothers me. I’m gonna start taking some stills and messing with the camera settings. Also, I’m gonna achieve a dream of mine, to pilot it slowly up a stream about a metre up.

Filming as I go. Then dub bubbly sound effects on. Bingbongfly.


Take a bow, @callum! :bow: