I was in the air cadets when younger and instead of being a pilot I ended up as logistical general manager. This outcome means I need to reconnect with the airspace and have some fun outside of work. I first got a drone at work (P3) to have real time images of our 40acre site for vehicle parking and flows. Once this happened I needed drone flying in my life.

The videos of my family days out or next holiday are great little reminders of good times, plus it looks amazing!

Sooo looking forward to flying in spain this year.


Haha, this got me thinking! I was in the Royal Air Force, sadly not as a Fighter Jock - I used to watch the Tonka’s taking off from my Landover, wishing I’d gone to Uni so I could have had the experience of being in charge of a fast jet.

I guess I’m a frustrated pilot who’s finally found a way to “Slip the surly bonds of Earth” and “Touch The Face Of God”…




All be it remotely, of course. :wink:


Mainly photography and video. But i do get a buzz out of the fact that things can go wrong.


I can anticipate a longer life without that buzz. :wink:


Being an early adopter (which basically means ending up with old crap whilst everyone else has new toys) I bought a DJI f450 flamewheel about 5 years ago. It was really exciting at first, but then the lack of FPV meant it was pretty limited and after many crashes and loads of new motors and ESCs, it was consigned to the loft. My son just bought a Mavic Air and, not to be outdone, decided it was just the thing for me so got one too. I am blown away by the stability of the gimbal and the quality of the photos and video. It is proving very useful in our surveying of Badger setts, it gives a new perspective on their habitats and runs. I just love the fact I can take it in a lightweight bag wherever I go. Brilliant bit of kit.


I started at the P2 + gimbal + GoPro stage, 4.5 years ago. Same for me … lack of FPV and cost of adding meant it never happened.
Even then, tho, the first video flight was so incredibly stable! Still probably my favourite drone video.
Got the MP almost two years ago, and size/FPV/features made it seema thousand years between.

Welcome to GADC! :+1:


I was always fascinated by drones and my uncle used to drag me to Beeley Moor in the early sixties to fly his fixed wing with the little petrol engine, 12 months to build and 5 minutes from launch to crash if we were lucky, happy memories but the modern drone, I have a P4, are so usable for everyone and the pictures and videos I take and see on this site are breath taking especially the self deprecating ones where we’ve crashed or something has gone wrong there’s so much fun to be had and getting out into the fresh air meeting people who mostly show an interest especially as I use my 12.9” iPad as a monitor it’s so clear, we’ll sorry for rambling that’s why I drone, no pun intended :yum:


I always love the view from above…I could feel like I’m a free bird souring up high…


Hi John! Welcome to GADC! :+1:


Thanks…pleasure is mine…being invited here…


My reasons for buying a drone initially was just for fun but the commercial applications of these birds are growing by the hour!. I’ve learnt so much from the on line community about video and photography I just want to create, nothing more satisfying than planning a shoot, getting to the POI, coming home and creating. A real buzz man


I’m fascinated by technology. The ability to control something which is flying, so precisely and filming whilst you do, is a great experience. Man has always dreamt of flying like the birds. This is another step towards achieving just that. The headset is a further step. Where next? More please.


Photos, Fun, Tech and PfCO


Fun with the odd photo and video footage, the technology has come so far since my nitro helicopter days.



Not far off the fleet operators badge then😀


You might want to post that pic in The Great WHAT DO YOU FLY? Poll thread … and complete the poll. :wink:


To take up a new hobby.

Always been interested in both photography and videography through past projects with my dad but never went that next step and took it up as a hobby for me.

Always had an interest RC stuff too. Mostly with wheels but have had a want for something airborne for yonks. So sat tight, watched the Mavic Air get launched, watched tons of reviews and various vids with my wallet screaming at me to go get but as soon as I’d heard the rumours re Mavic 2…I sat tight and 2 weeks a go went out and got it. So pleased. Loads to learn mind :slight_smile:

Now I can have a crack a photography / vids from the air. Best of both!!! #Newhobbyahoy