They’re gonna privatise the air… UK set to have world's biggest automated drone superhighway

Will we look back in 10yrs time and view this current period as a golden age where we could pretty much fly over any open land and long for those days?

Undoubtedly changes will come. Not sure how wide-ranging but will certainly impact our hobby imho.

UK set to have world’s biggest automated drone superhighway

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The Certified Category doesn’t necessarily limit flight to 400ft so there’s no reason yet to get overly excited about new flight restrictions except around where they’re set to take off and land.

“It is part of a £273m funding package for the aerospace sector which will be revealed by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng on Monday”

Got this far and thought of bridges to Ireland and over the Thames (with gardens on).

Even if they see a penny of the promised funding (and keep in mind it’s an announcement from this government in their dying weeks), I suspect it’s a lot further away than their 2-year estimate. By the time it does arrive, the tech will be very different to what we have today.

If it does come sooner than that, they’ll be flying quite a bit higher than our ceiling.

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I think we’ll see pigs flying these super skyway long before we see commercial drone skyways. The quoted £273 will go into the same pockets that were involved in track and trace and PPE.


they probably will Nidge yet another drug route world ieading

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We’ll probally have to start paying tax & insurance to use the skies lol,if the government are thinking of spending that I’m sure there thinking how much that investment will make them in the long run !:roll_eyes:

ain.t that the truth. I guess we will have to see what the karens have to say lol

Will it rain drones I ask :rofl:
(They lost a £43K drone out of Lydd airfield- ditched off Dover the other day…recovered by a fishing boat…)

For some people commercial drone operations will be just a cheap source of high quality spare parts. For others, a target rich environment…

It depends on how annoying they are with the implementation I guess.

When they go too far, the public tends to push back, like they did with speed cameras, and seem to be doing in some areas with 5G masts.

Checks and balances always exist in nature…