Third party props

Anyone use them?

I ordered some off eBay, just to compare them to original DJI props. The plastic seems to me to be more brittle, so I don’t think I’ll be gambling my Mavic on them.

Back to the DJI store I go :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, the new quieter props work really well on the Mavic. I’ve noticed the difference in noise, if not yet in flight time.

Seeing as the props are integral to keeping your drone in the air I would not skimp on quality. I have to trust that DJI know what they’re doing and build the best props for their aircraft, even though they may charge a premium price for it.

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I’ve never tried third party props and to be honest, I never would either.

Bit like buying cheap tyres for the car, it’s the only bit of the car in contact with the road and that contact patch should be the best possible.

Same with props, it’s the only bit in contact with the sky :rofl: If that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yep, makes total sense :slight_smile: I was just curious as to whether anyone used third party props.