This upset the neighbours


And this me looking up at a the drone


You’ve got some very paranoid neighbours there - makes me winder why they are so paranoid? What have they got to hide, eh? :wink:


If I had been one of your neighbours, I would have been thankful that someone was putting some fabulous pictures of the area we lived in, and showing it off to all others to see.
Nothing sinister in what you have done !.
Sounds like your neighbours need to get out more !. :rofl:

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That may be the answer. Many of them are elderly and are banged up in isolation because of their age. Then a young whippersnapper like me brings one of those new-fangled drone thingies out and wanders around in the sunshine.

Heretic! Unbeliever! Free-thinker! Look - he’s enjoying himself! Burn him with holy, cleansing fire …

Simple jealousy :slight_smile:



But it’s now my mission to find out :slight_smile:


I agree Chris. It seems to be a common British trait to always be looking at the negatives, and facetwats have an easy outlet for it, they don’t even have to get up off the settee in front of their 55 inch HD TV showing Judge Judy or repeats of Jeremy Kyle.

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Keep up @Brian, its Judge Rinder these days


Great image Rob, looking forward to flying my inspire soon too

Hi Stuart. T’m looking at parcel tracking twice a day :frowning:

I was out with mine at sunrise. When you put pedal to metal they move ***(dy quick!

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Thanks Rob,

Out of interest what firmware are you using?

I have a T600 and a T601. The T601 I’ve rolled back to fw v1.08.01 and fw v1 6 on the controllers. The T600 is on the latest fw v1.11.01
as I had seen that after fw v1.08 dji had reduced the transmission distance between controller and inspire.

I haven’t actually looked at firmware version on this one. I’ll have to fire up the DJI app and take a look (I use Litchi almost exclusively). Airdata shows uplink and downlink strengths never dropping below the high 90’s and a signal score of 100%.

At the moment I’m staying within 500m, there is an upswelling of anti=drone sentiment on our island’s Facebook pages and O don’t want to further aggravate the commentards.

It’s getting like the US - people are saying they are within their rights to shoot IAVs down and even, slightly ridiculously for a gammon-infested septic isle, quoting the Second Amendment.

Gob less America!