Thoughts on getting this repaired through DJI refresh

Had a bit of a collision with a wall. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: wondered if it’s worth getting this fixed with dji refresh or should I wait until I really knacker it? What would you do?

Did you not buy Care Refresh in order to use it at some point?

Are you planning on crashing it again?

Send it away mate, that’s the whole idea :slight_smile:


if you got DJI Refresh I would use it.

Your next flight might be the one you lose it due to this damage, then you will have nothing.


My thinking was it’s not completely knackered so thought I’d save the £45 repair fee until the gimbal is hanging off or something! But @M1TNT makes a good point. I’ll get it sorted as there might be something up with it that I can’t see beyond the cracks in the shell.

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If it were me. I would: Extract ‘learning’ from wall incident - Repair the damage - Fly wiser…

But the choice is yours.

Its lost any resale value if you ever want to upgrade it.

Ship it off.


Yep, it’s getting packed today. Probably wise. Cheers all!

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Do you have the recording so we can all enjoy (and you can laugh in the future at it)?

I’d get it sent off, not worth the risk of damage to the arm, or the arm mounting to cause it to fall from the sky.

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I think I might well have! Leave it with me… I’ll dig it out.