Thurne Mill, Norfolk

I was recently lucky enough to get a break in the weather and after completing a paid job I went and bagged this gorgeous windmill at Thurne in Norfolk. It was 100% worth the zillion mile drive. As always, feel free to share and forward and comment. I have posted links to both YouTube and Vimeo so if you want to watch it more than once I won’t moan about the view count :slight_smile:

Thurne Mill - Vimeo

Thurne Mill - YouTube


Great video Jay, from my own “Home turf” of Norfolk.
One thing we are not short of round here is windmills !.
If anyone is thinking of heading this way at anytime in the future to find a few, LMK, I know of a few tucked away that are off the beaten track, or you can look at this website to find them.


Very nice Jay👍

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Really nice video and camera work and really great flying beautiful place the broads

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Superb Jay
Lovely filming and place is so beautiful
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s excellent- thank you. I’ll be making use of this for some more 'milling. :slight_smile:

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