Tilgate Playing Fields, Crawley West Sussex

Been a bit absent from here for a while for many reasons main one being work.

One of my wife’s cousins had a birthday party in the playing fields that are next to the main Tilgate Park and took the opportunity to do get some flying in.



Was just thinking hadn’t seen you for a while, Chris, hope all is well.

Love the pano

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Thanks buddy, just work mainly gone back to non covid related work and busier than ever have been checking in but no posting.

Thank you I think it turned out well. Was a nice day for it too.


Good to hear, funnily enough, mate of mine that works for SWAS said the same about it being busier now than during COVID.

Guess stupid people are back out again :joy:

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Haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: there is some truth in that. The standard of driving is worse than it has ever been lang hogging is the rule rather than the exception just shocking.

Luckily I am not patient facing so I at least don’t have to interact :rofl: