Tiny planet Churches

Taken today whilst visiting East Hatley & Eyeworth nr. Sandy. Taken on Mini 2 fitted with ND16 filter, edited through Kuula & Lightroom.


Nice ones!

Thanks mate, how your health doing

Getting better mate, it appears that the meds for my heart condition was actually making it worse! Been off them now for a month or so and my blood pressure hasn’t gone up and the palpitations haven’t been as bad. Sorted that out, and then caught a chest infection which has laid me low for ages, could only spend a couple of hours at the Big Meet before I had to admit defeat and go home.
How’s yourself?

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Suffering myself, the Mrs found out she’s developed copd and I’m having problems breathing now. Trying to get out early in mornings, before it gets too hot. But still plodding along. Nice to hear your on the slow road to recovery

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I’m sitting in the living room with all of the doors open, it’s just too hot out there. I might go out for a walk about 9 tonight if it’s cooler.
Both of you look after yourselves, if you have any problems doing anything, it’s just nature’s way of saying “Sod it, leave it 'til tomorrow”!
Stay cool mate