Tipner West Development Proposal Video

First time I have used my drone to make a video like this. Let me know what you think of the edit and any advice appreciated. Thanks!


Petition signed Richard, can’t believe the idiots want to destroy that beautiful area around the Tipner Ranges.

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Thank you!

Signed too, understand the need for housing but let’s be honest this will be waterfront property sold at huge cost so not like it will solve any real need for housing.

Link for the petition:


Very good. Just thinking, what about

  1. Make the writing a little larger so can be read more easily
  2. An aerial pic of the area, with a line depicting the area that’s going to be used. I couldn’t work out where the development was going to be
  3. When you mention the wildlife that will be affected, perhaps some pics of them.

I know it’s a little bit more work but might have a bigger impact.


Portsmouth’s answer to Sandbanks in Dorset. Affordable housing my backside.


Woo I made the news :smiley:



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Property building, not property development, is getting out of hand. Here, over the last five to ten years, in my market town, new builds have been popping up at a crazy rate. If it was affordable housing I’d be in agreement to a certain extent. The result is we are now more prone to flooding, and bottlenecked traffic as the roads cannot cater for the increased traffic.

Whenever you hear a politician, irrespective of party, refer to the “Market” they are not talking about an industry or collection of industries, but rather to a select few individuals with connections.

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