Tipner West Development Proposal Video

First time I have used my drone to make a video like this. Let me know what you think of the edit and any advice appreciated. Thanks!


Petition signed Richard, can’t believe the idiots want to destroy that beautiful area around the Tipner Ranges.

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Thank you!

Signed too, understand the need for housing but let’s be honest this will be waterfront property sold at huge cost so not like it will solve any real need for housing.

Link for the petition:


Very good. Just thinking, what about

  1. Make the writing a little larger so can be read more easily
  2. An aerial pic of the area, with a line depicting the area that’s going to be used. I couldn’t work out where the development was going to be
  3. When you mention the wildlife that will be affected, perhaps some pics of them.

I know it’s a little bit more work but might have a bigger impact.


Portsmouth’s answer to Sandbanks in Dorset. Affordable housing my backside.


Woo I made the news :smiley:



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Property building, not property development, is getting out of hand. Here, over the last five to ten years, in my market town, new builds have been popping up at a crazy rate. If it was affordable housing I’d be in agreement to a certain extent. The result is we are now more prone to flooding, and bottlenecked traffic as the roads cannot cater for the increased traffic.

Whenever you hear a politician, irrespective of party, refer to the “Market” they are not talking about an industry or collection of industries, but rather to a select few individuals with connections.

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Hi Richard,

Just before the local council elections about two weeks ago and with your video still in mind, I emailed Mr Ashmore at the office of the Lib Dems and got a reply from Gerald Vernon-Jackson (then Lib Dem Leader of the Council). You probably know this already but this was his reply:

"Thanks very much for the email. The context for this is that the Government have decided that Portsmouth has to build 17,000 new houses/flats in the city over the next 20 years. The city council has to show the Government land to accommodate all these houses will be available. The City Council is therefore looking at all spaces possible to try to find the least environmentally harmful places to build. We think the Government is forcing too much housing onto Portsmouth and the decision should be taken by local people, but Government’s of all parties always tell councils how much they need to build. If the Council refuses to do this, then the Government will just allocate the land it thinks best, with no local knowledge at all.

So the City Council (run by the Lib Dems) is looking across the city for sites for housing, and trying to find the most sustainable locations. We are also looking to try to protect employment land so Portsmouth residents don’t have to drive a long way to work. As part of this we are looking at the old firing range and the derelict land at Ipner West, along with lots of other sites such as the derelict land at Tipner East. There will then be a public consultation to look at which sites to remove from this list either because they are too important ecologically, the owners don’t want development, or it wouldn’t work. But we will have to look at hitting the Government target of housing land. If there are viable alternatives to Tipner we will be pursuing them. The final decision will come from the public consultation on this."

I also had Steve Pitt (Lib Dem) knock on my door canvassing and asked him about the developement. Basically he said the same but also said that they are monitoring that area of the harbour because of the pollution from Pounds scrapyard and there is also seepage of nitrates etc from the historical use of pesticides from farmland and this will continue for years to come. The Government has given Portsmouth ÂŁ50m to carry out this and other survey work. Fish and shellfish in this area may well be contaminated. I wonder if this is why those agencies stated in your film did not object? He also said that the Wildlife Trust had a new leader who did not fully appreciate the situation at the time of the objection.

I still think it’s disgusting to consider building on this site.

Apparently the mud and silt excavated from the deep water channel to allow the carriers into harbour would be used as landfill if this does go ahead.

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Hi Richard. I am a journalist at BBC South Today TV. we are doing a story about the proposed regeneration of Tipner. I saw your great drone footage and wondered whether we may be able to use it in our report please? Obviously we’d credit the pictures to you. Many thanks. James Ingham.

[Email address removed by @GADC_Committee for privacy. @richardmarsh888 - please DM @jamesingham if you wish to contact.]

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Hi James, of course you may. Please kindly reference Richard Marsh LNR Media
Thanks :slight_smile:

@richardmarsh888 please don’t forget to email the invoice to @jamesingham later this evening, BBC are on a 30 day terms credit account.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Forget 30 days! I’ll send a proforma…

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Well done - I hope this gets the widest circulation. Just the usual Tory Council destroying the environment to make Billions for their Big Business University mates/donors/future employers. This is what the Tories are all about - their rich friends get richer whilst our environment is destroyed because THEY SIMPLY DONT CARE!