Total beginner saying hello from Cotswolds

Hi, thanks to @Scuba01 for the invitation. I am a complete novice and have just bought a DJI Mavic Mini to learn with. I’m in the Cotswolds and need to be very careful and follow the drone code as I live right next to an active glider site.

Looking forward to safe and sensible flying with the support of the membership.


Welcome Mike, I’m sure you are going to love this pastime. You’ve got some stunning scenery down there.
You have come to the best forum on the net. Non judgemental but full of great guys with plenty of advice.


Welcome to the group for the clinically insane the meds will be around shortly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to GADC Mike from one of the slightly more sane inmates… :grin:

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Welcome Mike @CotsFly

welcome, im learning with a mavic mini and its fantastic and this club and its members are fantastic, you will love it here, have fun.

Oy!, do you wanna borrow my white suit Dave, I have a spare, when some fucker lets me out of this one ?.


If you are even slightly sane I’m not sure you belong on here.:rofl::rofl:

Thanks for the offer Chris but Matron has just bought me my very own suit, although I’m not sure why she included the mask… :thinking: :wink:

I’m have liver for dinner, followed by a glass of cianti

I only said “slightly” more sane, as I’m allowed to tie my own shoe laces without supervision. Although I do on occasion get a little confused and end up tying them together, then spend the rest of the day wondering why I can only take little steps. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Welcome to the forum CotsFly.