Total Flight Time-Where Do I Find It

OK, just a quick question. How do I check the total flight hours on a second hand aircraft. Is this info available in Assistant 2? or would I need to download logs and upload to something like Airdata?

Any advice on best way to do this would be appreciated.

I realise that Go4 app has a log, but if the aircraft has had multiple users or has been flown with Litchi, then the Go 4 app will not be correct.

Without the logs from all apps used by all previous owners I don’t think you can.
You can check how many times the batteries have been charged which might give you a rough idea based on flight time of the craft, but even then, I often charge my batteries in preparation for going out the next day then I don’t make it out for one reason or another and it might be a while before I get out again which then requires another charge up.

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I was thinking that … and I also can get through batteries just switching on to check stuff, settings, etc … or change them for my next planned flight.


Thanks for the replies @OzoneVibe @Paul_M
My thoughts exactly, check the number of battery charges and work on an average flight time. But as you say, I often power up on multiple occasions without actually flying…
To be honest, I just presumed the info would be recorded in a log on the aircraft and I would need to extract, then use a program to display and calculate.
I will keep searching the net and thanks again for your responses.

tbh - I’d have expected it to be, too. And perhaps it is. I’ve not read about it, thought.

There again - had my MP almost 2 years and it’s only been connected (very briefly!!) to a modded Assitant 2 for the purposes of modifying parameters after installing modded Firmware - so I’d be lying if I said I knew much about what one can determine using Assitant 2. :wink:

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Have searched the net, same question asked on many occasions, but no definitive answer.
Have fired off the question to DJI support.
Will post if/when I hear back.

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OK, so quick response from DJI support even on a Sunday.
They state there is no way of confirming the total number of hours flown without access to the previous owners DJI Go4 app account.
They state total flying time is only recorded there.
I offered to provide aircraft serial number and they said it was still not available to them, surely if I downloaded all the .dat files, there must be a way of viewing total flight time.
Well, if anybody can think of a way, drop me a reply

DAT files can be large … about 300MB … it only keeps until it starts to overwrite.

I have 45 quite brief flights totalling over 4GB.

If it’s only flown a little - then I guess there’s a chance … and quite easy to do.
You’d also get an idea if it’s crashed into trees. :wink: … and other error/warning messages when it’s been switched on in the past.

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How do you view the indidual dat files, do they show flight time?
If so, might give that a try

A windows prog called CsvView is needed. (CsvView Downloads)

Not exactly intuitive - but gives tracks and time graphs on all sorts of parameters.

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Thanks Dave.
Will start having a look now. Cheers

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If you find you have all DAT files from FLY001.DAT … then you have the lot!

It creates a file even if it’s only switched on for 5 seconds … so there can be loads!

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