Tour of Britain Stage 8

I’m thinking about filming part of the Tour of Britain cycling race (Altrincham to Manchester, September 14th). There are no temporary flight restrictions showing yet on the NATS Drone Portal map, but as these races are always filmed by helicopter I suspect it may not be safe to fly, depending on flying heights etc.

Does anyone have experience of filming something similar and know whether temporary flight restrictions are likely to appear or any other thoughts? Obviously I’d be flying some distance away from the road and spectators, that goes without saying.

Tagging in @Damo1977 and @Jel1983 ask kinda-related-ish re: Richmond Park during an event

Was planning the same for stage 1 as the route is fairly close to home… but I’m wavering. Big fan of the sport and trying to decide whether I’d rather spend hours prepping for what will probably be a few seconds of video as the peloton flashes past, or actually get to the side of the road and cheer them on as they go.

If it’s any help with you’re planning, they’re here tomorrow and we still have nothing on NATS to suggest there will be helicopters filming. I’ll let you know after if I saw any.

Thanks @JoeC, I may also decide just to watch this on ITV4 rather than spend hours driving, walking and waiting, any feedback from Stage 1 is welcome!

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Best thing may be to contact NATS or CAA directly and ask their opinion. Wouldn’t hurt to contact the TV company responsible for the coverage either.

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Well, yep… there’s a chopper.

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