ToySky S162 : No Wifi from the Drone, doesn't fly. Reset Calibration?

Huy guys, so I bought this drone as I’m a beginner and long story short, I’ve passed through the whole calibration process but the drone doesn’t start. (They ask you to push the joystick to unlock the drone but they stop spinning and doesn’t take off)

Also there’s no Wifi signal coming from the drone and you have to connect to your phone to use the FPV. Is there any way to try to reset it or is the product defective ?

By the way, the battery was fully charged for aver 5h.

Thanks in advance

Which mobile device are you using?

The drone uses the 5GHz WiFi band so you need to use a mobile device that has dual-band capability.

If you’re using an Android device with dual-band capability but you’re unable to see the SSID of the drone it might be on a channel that your device can’t see. The majority of Android devices sold in Europe don’t have access to the higher channels that are used in the US. If this is the case and you know someone with an Apple phone or iPad you might be able to log into the drone and change the WiFi channel to one you can see with your Android device.

I’m using an iPhone X. How do you log into the drone ? Even tho the drone doesn’t fly, dunno why.

Thanks for your answer tho.

Search for the drone’s Wi-Fi. Log on to it. Just as if you are logging onto a new Wi-Fi Internet connection.

It doesn’t appear on my list of Wifi I can connect too.

Download a WiFi analyser to see if it actually is broadcasting wi fi

Ok I’ll look into that. any suggestion for a good iOS app ?

Android user sorry. Just search wi fi analyser, I would imagine

So I’ve done a scan and it doesn’t appear on the list. Only my 2 laptops, the iPhone and my router.

Not sure what you’ve downloaded. Unless your laptops are broadcasting SSID I wouldn’t expect the analyser to see them.

Tried with Net analyzer and Wifi status. What should the drone broadcast ?

I’ve tried a few and they give me the same list.

I can’t say for definite but I would expect to see an SSID named ToySky xxxx or TSxxxxx or similar.
Is there a difference if the drone is switch on?
IE a SSID that isn’t there when the drone is off

That’s all I got.

Tried both with drone on and off.

Those are connections on your network not a list of SSID SS

Ok, so how do I look for SSID’s then ? Far from aware of how networks works.

This is what I meant by wi fi analyser, ignore the fact this is 2.4GHz I only used the frequency to show more SSIDs.

You’re looking for access points

So I had only 5 scanned and found another one. I have only 6 devices in the house.

Again, they are connections on the network.

Can you search for access points on the app?