Tracking a moving subject with Mini 3 Pro

I have been trying to use the Mini 3 to track a rower on the river Weaver near where I live. I have the drone positioned above and behind the rower / canoe, but I cannot lock onto the subject quickly enough to keep then in the frame whilst activating the tracking / recording. The canoe moves quickly through the frame into the distance and I am left tracking a spot on the river - and help would be appreciated.

Check out Page 20 of the users manual. There are a lot of criteria that need to be satisfied for active track to work eg what are your video resolution settings - active track is not available in certain resolutions.
Parallel track is known to be a bit weak whilst trace track has the better chance of working.

The other issue is that active track will not work on all objects - eg it won’t track a dog easily. It does track boats but I’m not sure if it will track a rowing boat :man_shrugging:

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There’s an option in the menu, off the top of my head (I’ve just been welding for 2 hrs :crazy_face:), can’t remember if it’s in camera or not. It’s for tracking subjects. When you turn it on and go out of the menu, you should see green crosses on objects the drones picking up for tracking, hit a cross with your finger and hey presto, tracking on. Its a bit quicker than trying to pull a square round your subject sometimes. :+1:
As John said above, its down for tracking boats but a rowing boat. Probably.
Hope this helps.

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