Travelling with Drone - Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia

Continuing the discussion from Phang Nga Bay & Koh Panyee Island:

Fantastic footage, going there plus Vietnam and Cambodia next January hoping to take my DJImini 3 pro ( after checking the best way to take it?)
Any help / ideas would be appreciated

What more would like to know than was covered in the original thread

Tagging @Bakinboy he might be able to help, also maybe @silverfox682 (Ted), he’s not been around for a while, but has lived between here and there for ages

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If you have any questions on anything that i can help with that wasn’t covered in my post, i will try and answer.

Ive worked in Thailand several years with a drone and visited the others.

Brief summary:- in Thailand in theory registration and a fee is required and its quite a lot of running around and red tape. Also much harder if you have a tourist visa not a work or residency permit.
In theory its doable and the insurance requirement is a money-making scam.
There are people and organisations you can contact to do it for you to make it smoother online.

…unofficially, its completely and utterly unenforced. Just dont fly it in national parks or near police stations etc. None of the authorities know the rules and all are out for a cash backhander even if it is legit. Its normal there.

The official website is dead again ( | 525: SSL handshake failed ) so ive attached the infographic.

Given how slow and how much running around is required, if you DO want to go down this route id strongly suggested using one of the people or companies that’ll do it on your behalf and sort it prior to travel.

Vietnam technically they’re not allowed. They DO scan baggage arrival and seize at some airports but not others so it hugely depends how and where you arrive.
Registration for use for a tourist there is hard. They’re pretty sharp at Ha Long bay etc now due to the number of users but not really anywhere else.

Flying is fine - just batteries must be in carry-on. no need for the bags that Americans seem to obsess about or anything. No issues at all.

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Thank you for your time and information, because I’m fairly new to flying a Drone I’ve always felt awkward to fly, should I offend someone and clearly the places we will be visiting are going to be popular with tourists, so I think I will leave the Drone at home and enjoy the views and places for what they are, I’ve always got my phone for the odd photo.
Once again appreciate your feedback.


That’s what this group is about, there is always someone to give info/help. the knowledge base on this site is phenomenal.

Dont feel awkward about flying, i’m still learning new things, all thanks to this site.

Enjoy your travels :+1:

Hi, I would add that having someone in country helps greatly as SE Asia bureaucracy has a time frame all of its own, so if you are only in country for a few weeks you are unlikely to manage the processing in time. However, if you can get any documentation in advance it does help in the unlikely event that immigration have a look in your bag. Once in Thailand, providing you use the usual common sense you have the opportunity for spectacular footage from rice fields, mountains to the islands - out in the country is obviously the way to go as locals will be fascinated should they be around. If you go to any of the islands, have a think about hiring a boatman for an hour - for a very small fee they will be more than happy to let you launch. Same applies in Cambodia and Vietnam - just avoid the obvious tourist areas as these are always heavily policed. Laos might not be on your itinerary but i can thoroughly recommend it. If you are hiring a car in Thailand to get out of the cities then the drone flying world is your oyster - just pull over on any of the amazing roadside views and get it in the air. Don’t ever do a beach take off, just have a walk to a quiet headland and you will be undisturbed. All the best in your endeavours, and use every opportunity to recharge the batteries as once you get it in the air its VERY hard not to flatten a battery every flight as the scenery is just spectacular :slight_smile:

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