Trying for smooth flight

Cant seem to get that really nice smooth flight, looks good when flying, but video always looks crap lol,

Got anything to share ?

Have you checked out @ianinlondon’s video on smooth camera settings?


What drone :man_shrugging:

Mav air


Practice makes perfect

Well today I finally got a proper flight in. About 1hour in total and some nice (but definitely not cinematic) video.

I found flying the Mav Mini a breeze but I had a couple of issues with muscle memory pulling the stick back like a fixed wing when I wanted to climb suddenly and ended up diving instead. Because of this I’m probaly going to use a custom stick setup so fliying is more natural to me.

So. What set up do you peeples prefer? I feel for me that trying to break the habit of pull back to climb and push forward to dive is counter productive when it is more natural to stick to “classic” controls.

What do you all prefer?


Moved your post over to this thread that’s discussing the same issue.