Trying Street Photography

After watching North Boarders I thought I’d try it!

Awkward as shit but fun! Not sure Taunton is the best place, a small market town, maybe somewhere like Bristol or Exeter cities would be better.


When I were a lad and dreaming of being a famous photojournalist and having lots of girlfriends (I washeavily influenced by Blow Up :slight_smile: ) I did a fair amount of street photography.

I was helped in this as my battered Nikon F only had one lens, an aftermarket 28mm lens. So I could point the camera in the direction of the subject but stare past or through them. I would get the picture and, almost invariably they would glance behind them to see what I had been photographing …

This is the thing, I shot a few people whilst they were walking around doing their thing, some of them apologised for what they thought was getting in my way! If only they knew :joy: and a few I did actually ask… it was was too weird if I didn’t :joy:

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I’m surprised Johnny Depp in the last picture was ok with it. He’s normally a bit funny about having his picture taken.

Great shots as always Steve :smiley:

Lol, thanks Rich :ok_hand:t4:

Nice photos Steve, very atmospheric.
I’m afraid that I am the “all the gear…no idea” person.
I live in expectation of taking shots like this and also the ones that John @Drumsagard post on here.

As a photography student in the 80’s I was introduced to the work of Mark Riboud who had taken photos around Leeds in the 50’s

I got to meet him at a talk he was given on the anniversary of the Leeds collection.

When I saw these , knowing the area (all be in 30 years on, I was blown away)

Or image search Marc Riboud Leeds


Thank you Rob, much appreciated :pray:

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Wow, completely different world back then. Can’t beat a black and white image :heart_eyes:


I love street photography. Especially some of the stuff people are doing at night now with long exposures.

I’m a bit too polite for it myself I think. Consider myself a nuisance standing in one place for ages trying to get that perfect shot of someone walking through or framing someone up in a coffee shop window.

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I feel insulted :scream: just playing! :joy:
It is awkward as hell but I did enjoy it. Wouldn’t be so bad in cities as there used to tourists but in my local town I felt like a Wally. :tired_face::joy:

You’d be surprised. Birmingham is dead now. It has its pros and cons obviously but since Covid the City is nowhere near as busy as it was pre pandemic.

I took a bunch of shots last year when we were in the post Christmas lockdown not lockdown. My favourite was of the Odeon, with with and without the lady walking past. These were took with an iPhone which I guess makes you look less of a wally, but on the other hand the zoom ain’t so great for framing.

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