Trying tighter turns with the DJIFPV

Still in sport mode getting use to the speed, lower flying and turns.
I have ventured into manual mode but with attitude mode still on. Hopefully it’s coming and acro is not far away🤞


Ah Brilliant! Nice low flying! There’s nothing wrong with the mode you’re in if you like it. It’s just that you get more freedom in full acro

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Which turn circle mode are you using ?

@milkmanchris Large. So maybe need to change back to small?

Yeah I do love sport mode. But I if it says on the tin it can barrel roll and flip upside down… I’m gonna bloody well do it :joy: Is just taking me longer than I thought. But at least in in manual mode at times but with the safety on and not too low :wink: :raising_hand_man:

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Its all about the journey aint it

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Yup, honestly enjoying it👍

Impressive what sports mode can do, I don’t think I would have tried acro (which I am delighted I did) if my old Parrot or a Mavic had something remotely similar to that dynamic. I would have missed out without ever knowing

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