TSB report on Canadian drone crash released

In August 2021, a York Regional Police drone collided with a Cessna during final approach to the Toronto Buttonville Airport

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Is that a get out it’s the pilot fault for not scanning the air in front of him and the pilot has to request information as long as ATC aren’t busy :man_shrugging:t2:

A student / instructor team on finals in a Cessna 172 are probably as “task saturated” as a remote pilot and his observer. This is an indication of their workload

But they get the blame for failing to spot a black Matrice, presumably against a background of the town of Buttonville below, while travelling at around 70 knots.

The report, as presented your man Don, seems to be very light on condemning the police team who seem to have ignored regulations and procedures throughout the exercise.

I hope the CAA would be as lenient towards me if I decided to fly my Inspire 1 centreline of the active runway at just the height that approaching aircraft hit at that particular distance from touchdown.

The report will make some intersting bedtime reading! :slight_smile: