Tullynakill Old Church

Captured today while out getting a photo of a castle for the birthday challenge.


I visited this site on Sunday past, there was a slight breeze and I wanted to practice flight in these conditions, so I kept my altitude low. The site is surrounded by trees and on ground level lots of 18th century grave stones. This church was demolished in the early 1970s.


It’s a nice place, and quiet, highly unlikely that there’d be anyone else there who’d be annoyed by your drone. My visit was entirely unplanned - I’d been in the area to get a photo of a castle for the competetion, saw it on the map and thought it was worth the short detour. :+1:

Yes it’s a magic place, the church that was demolished in the 1970s was located immediate right of the gateway into the cemetery where the 1600s church ruin is. All signs of the later church are gone, nature has taken over.