Twiddling my thumbs

This weather is just :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ridiculous :wind_face:

I can’t be the only one getting withdrawal symptoms…

What are you all doing to alleviate the boredom??

I’ve tinkered with firmware, toyed with parameters, what next??

Antenna mods seem popular, anyone done any?

Itching to get out there and just fly the thing!

It was actually flyable, here, today, once the rain had passed … quite sunny, even if a tad windy.
However … “grounded” with a migraine all day. #SodsLawIsAliveAndWell :stuck_out_tongue:

Well we could always set up a bar in a corner of the old club hangar, dispense hot toddies all round while we crank up the gramophone. Glenn Miller music might set the right ambience. Then we can tell tall tales of flights and flyaways while the winter weather rages outside. :star_struck:

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Flying my new Mavic in the house when the wife’s not in of course :grin:

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These are best for indoor fun … and honing flying skills!

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I’m on my new Xbox X spinning Forza 7 and burning rubber in 4K followed by a bit of 3D design and printing, I’ve done an iPhone 7+ mount


Nicely done. I’m also into 3D printing, although haven’t yet done anything Mavic related (but you know its just a matter of time).

Another 3D printer here!!

Only just started out mind, not tried my hand at designing anything as yet…wouldn’t know where to start to be fair.

I know what you mean, I’ve done quite a few own design for my FPV addiction…

I’ve found that the best way to begin is to draw something you really have a clear picture of in your mind and then just follow a tutorial. I bought a CD for £2.95 off eBay for my free Autodesk Profesional 2014 but having said that I do have a background in Engineering with technical Drawing from as far back as my school days.

Some Pictures Opterra build


You know really what your doing . As a stroke survivor my mind dose not work that well any more.

Today I’m twiddling thumbs … in A&E!
Not me … someone "needed transport"t.
Good job it’s not a lovely frosty/sunny morning for Mavic flying! #Sarcasm

So last night I twiddled my thumbs a lot, I skinned the Mavic so I can see it in LOS and also Printed a very simple Tripod mount for the Mavic. One may ask why the Tripod mount? It’s a jig for elevating and holding the Mavic while I try and learn the camera settings; it enables me to pan the camera in small increments to catch different light levels. The idea has worked really well in this morning’s light despite being indoors, I’ve set up a log to record the various settings, I’m also convinced that a light meter is essential to remove the guesswork out of filming. I’m no expert but having had a go with an SLR 30 odd years ago things are starting to come back to me.


Same here, not flew in 3 weeks.

Weather has been perfect for flying this weekend up here. Sods law I’m stuck indoors with a kidney infection.

I could have flown today … but copious amounts of awesome beers made it totally impossible. ;/

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Blimey you guys are really cracking on with the 3D printing stuff!!

I had a Getterback mount printed, the STL files are on here if you want to have a go.

Looked around Thingiverse for more Mavic stuff?

I Twiddled my thumbs a while back on Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014, Simplify3D and onto CTC 3D printer for my tracking antenna which I’ve still got to finish setting up.

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Looks great!!

But… um… er… what is it?! :blush:

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It’s a tracking antenna, for FPV it tracks your aircraft to maintain a constant video signal which also has your telemetry information. The GPS telemetry is decoded to drive the pan and tilt servos. The antennas are a helicoil and patch narrow beam for long range.

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