Twig frame

Would anyone no what the smallest twig frame you can get a vista in ???

May have answered my own question

Or this

The Micro Alien is basically the older version of the Apex that you have just built Nick

Yeah just wondering, thing is ( I can see the eyes rolling from here :rofl:) I now have a spare Caddx once its back from repair ( dont tell the Mrs ) I also have 1 new Xing motor and loads of props so in my tiny ant brain Im half way to building another 1…

Plus theirs loads of sales on at the mo so it would be rude not to take advantage of them :+1:t4: I fancy 1 of those Twigs but I think id have to go for a 3inch frame pending what size my motor is …

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Just a little reminder Nick :wink:

Is it wrong that I quite like that? It reminds me of the pink tutu at the Big Meet :thinking: lol

LOL… I can only think its like child birth for women OR a :poop: hangover and old saying Ill never drink again :rofl:

Not sure how you’d go on if you smashed it up as I’m sure you’d have to buy the whole frame

Yeah looks like it’s a 1 piece molded frame. I wouldn’t go for it. You need the replaceable arms

I don’t know if I wanna fly it, or fuck it

Have you got a 5" already Nick?

How come you have 1 xing motor? And what motor is it? :thinking:

Absolutely pissing myself :rofl::rofl:

I have a Nazul, when I brought the motors for the apex they sent 1 wrong …

Ah ok what motor have you got? Model, size, kv etc?

Its a 1507 28000Kv you think to big for a 3inch build ??

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Size wise they should be fine for 3" but I’m pretty sure that model is rated for 6S. Also I personally wouldn’t build a quad based on one spare motor. You would still have to buy 3 more anyway. I would spec up the motors I want and get 4 of them. A set if 4 motors won’t be alot more than 3 motors anyways and then you get exactly the spec you want or need for your new build :wink:

These are on my 3". They currently only have red in stock. I believe they also go by another brand name, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. :slight_smile:

Ok Iv done some reading up on the Xing’s as below