Two 360 shots of Pontsticill reservoir in the snow


Used Hangar for these this time, I might get around to editing them myself.


Absolutely stunning scenery :scream: :+1:t2:


If the icy road hadn’t stopped me there would have been more further up :grinning:


Brilliant photos.


Thank you.


Brilliant shots like the second with the trees and the cloud reflecting on the water

Must say hangar seems to do 360’s better than kuula in my opinion
You don’t seem to see the join


Brilliant Richard, especially like the second one, the detail in the trees wow.

Think I agree with @sparkman - need to give hanger another go.


Thank you both.
Hangar does a good job but you have to realise that you are giving your photos away by using their software.
Hangar is a lot better now than it used to be as you can now record video with it.
Also remember that you don’t have to submit the photos to them if you don’t want to.
You can let it take them and then lift them from your sad card to stitch them yourself.


Thanks - I think that’s what I have done in the past - maybe because I take raw and jpg I have the RAW files


Running a Windows PC, what software would be a good one to stitch them?


I think that’s the issue with kuula if you “photoshop the shit out of them “ then post to kuula that causes the incomparable line

Someone has posted a kuula recently and it looks perfect what gives


Do you have Photoshop or Lightroom? You can use these, If not Microsoft ICE, I’ve not used it much so I can’t help you but there will be plenty on YouTube as always.

When I do a 360 and edit it in Lightroom etc I will then import it into Photoshop, cut it in half, join it back together with the cut ends on the outsides and then try to hide the join where Lightroom changes the colours and exposure etc.
This one was done like this and the join is less prominent.


Thats a superb image Richard - was the lens flare added with the Kuula option?

What you describe is what I have seen on a YT video - think I need to give some time as when you see the images with RAW files there is so much more detail visible


Thank you Brian.
The flare was added in Kuula, I never shoot RAW but going to start I think, I keep forgetting to set up the P4P but have done the MP now.


Im impressed with the quality as not raw images - I guess the sensor size on the P4P must bu much bigger than the Mavic air?


It has a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, Phantom 4 Pro


Would make a difference! can’t wait to get my M2Pro