Two short videos from around Bridgwater

My first 2 videos on a Mini SE and using shotcut for the first time (vdubmod graduate :slight_smile: ), and looking for some constructive criticism.

So far I have:

  1. Plan a little more
  2. Stay out of shot
  3. Reduce the length of the segments
  4. Add music from

Any other advice?

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Posting YT videos:

Just :
rather than
[The willow man](

This will create the embedded player automatically. :+1:

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I don’t really feel qualified to criticise your efforts … as a new flyer, I realise how tricky it is to get smooth, interesting footage.
The canal video was very brave …. I wouldn’t have risked those shots flying between the overhanging branches … well done.

On the wicker man one, I personally would have chopped out the slightly jumpy flying, (that’s not a criticism!!), as it’s a bit distracting.

Great efforts though!

Agreed, that is distracting, I am not sure why it came out like that, but that was the only version i had. hence the better planning needed. (redundancy)

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WILLOWMAN…he’s armless enough now!
I am from that way but not been down for a couple of years(thanks covid). What Drone are you using and what video editing software?
Everyone starts somewhere, i am very new too but each time i learn something new. Just send it as much as possible.

@LordParker it is a Mini SE, and i am using Shotcut. Da vinci resolve was just too confusing for my ancient brain.

I thought that too but to be honest my old brain has got it kinda Sussed now. If you ever need a hand give me a shout, I am not far away.

That’s great, thanks

I use shotcut, a very good editor. There are loads of tutorial video’s on youtube. I’ve been experimenting with keyframes.

About time the willow man was removed. Seen better days.

Enjoy Bridgwater

Slow down your rates on your yaw and roll, this will help to smooth things out a bit.
Do the same to the gimbal settings, same result.
Don’t do a lot of straight line flying connected by either a quick yaw or roll to one side, (normally caused by avoiding an obstacle). Watch Idaho Quadcopters on YouTube, he normally flys like that.
Practice doing figure of eights and circles in a park, so you can get used to turning one way then another.
Not bad for a first try, keep it up!

Thanks @Hotrodspike, all obvious when you look at it again, but like most common sense, it needed pointing out :grinning:. I read somewhere (after your response) to allow around 5 seconds from one side of the screen to the other.
Thanks again