TWRP on Crystalsky

Has anyone ever installed TWRP on a Crystalsky ???

I rooted my Crystalsky (

Then I tried to install the NLD GO 4 app (
But without success. There was not enough free memory to install the GApps.

In a German forum I read that you can delete Apps with Titanium Backup.
I then deleted Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to free up memory. But recklessly also the DJI GO 4 app.

What I didn’t know was, that there was no longer an interface to run apps or do anything :unamused:
Then i installed the NLD GO 4 app via “adb install”. But without a interface there is no way to strart the app :exploding_head:

My last idea now is, to install TWRP to restore the original firmware(

I am grateful for any idea or suggestion :kissing_heart:

I run a few different GO4 apps on my CS but I don’t need to go through any of the steps on that NLD link you provided :thinking:

I use deejayeye modder to roll my own custom GO4, based on what I need it to do.

It will output a .apk file which you can just copy on to a MicroSD card, insert the card in one of the ports on the CS and just install it - zero hassle :thinking:

In retrospect, I also know that :pleading_face:

Now I have to get the thing going again first :pensive:

Can you download this firmware version and install it?

It doesn’t work on the device itself because I no longer have a user interface (I’ll send you a few photos when I’m back home).
And the STOCK-RECOVERY on the Crystalsky has no option to install a ROM.

That’s why I haven’t been able to install the original DJI ROM yet.

When I start my GL300E, only the start screen appears. After a short time it becomes a little darker. That’s it.
I also don’t get into the settings menu when I touch the upper screen tab.

And in recovery mode there is no option to install a new ROM.

I am currently downloading the latest original firmware from DJI. The STOCK RECOVERY from Android only accepts original ROMs from the manufacturer.
Maybe I can install them in recovery mode via SIEDLOAD :pray:

I’ll DM you an invite to the slack group.