Typhoon h plus

just a quicky in my local area getting used to new flight modes


spent alot of time chatting to various people about our hobby, yes a was asked ‘it wasnt you at Gatwick was it’
my reply ‘no but i got some great pics’ lol had alot of interest from the general public and all seemed very positive after i had taken time to engage and explain the camera feed and the way it all worked :grin:

What’s the score with the road being so quiet there Jon?

Looks like a part of the set from The Walking Dead :rofl:

And if my lip reading is any good…

Mate, your dog will fit in that drone case!



not my dog. lol the roadway way is just a short walk from my house, it has never been completed because someone stole the overpass bridge while it was sat on a lorry many years ago. it is locally called the road to nowhere and is regularly used by tv companies to film casualty. the last filming was a few months ago for an episode where there was an accident involving a feul tanker which exploded, they blew it up twice i saw the first explosion while driveing home from work one night and then saw the second explosion while is was driving on a road that runs parralel to it. it was an awesome bang and fireball. did notice there were severall drones in use late at night for thhe filming. its a good place for testing new kit and flight modes as you have a huge area all around you that is public land so no iterferance. works well so people can see what a drone actually is. spent more time chatting to people yesterday than i did flying. was good to show and tell so people are more educated in the subject of drones:grinning: