UAV Forecast says "not good to fly"?


Today is a lovely day yet confused by uav forecast which says “not good to fly” all threshold settings are default anyone know what is recommended or what factor is affecting flight…thanks!


Your minimum temperature is set at 33 degrees celcius, knock that down to 0 or lower.

Its also showing a locked sats warning. You can drop that down as well as its bullshit anyway.


Yea thanks I can see it now, only recently purchased so getting used to it…what would I do without GADC :+1:


I would set you wind height to 400 ft, that tells you what winds to expect at that altitude.


Have A life?..



Commute to work this morning, wish I’d paid more attention at school


Look out your window or go to your front door and make your own call. It baffles me why people need an app tell if the weather conditions are safe to fly in or not. The only thing UAV forecast is good for in my opinion is to see the KP index.


I find the wind forecast useful. I don’t mind about temperature or visibility etc


I had beans for dinner and don’t need an app to tell me it will be windy…


I think the clue is in the name of the app mate, “UAV Forecast:+1:t2:

Looking out the window at 8am this morning won’t tell me what the weather will be doing at 4pm.

An app will :blush:

(well, it’ll have a good go anyway)


Then look out the window at 3.55 instead of 8.00 am



Yeah, point taken mate :smiley:


Even that’s a load of bollocks.


What it is good for is giving an idea of the weather tomorrow and if it is worth charging the batteries or not.


That’s a much better way of explaining what I was trying to (badly) explain :blush:


That’s not a lot of good if the batteries are not charged, as Paul said.


Neither is looking at a weather app.

If you plan to fly on a certain day then charge your batteries beforehand. If on the day you feel you have to look at an app to see if the weather is good to fly or not and your app tells you its not. Then you still have charged batteries ready for when the app does deem its safe for You to fly. OR.
Being (hopefully) of sound mind you could just look out the window yourself on the day you want to go flying and make your own decision without the aide of an app to determine if the weather conditions makes it’s safe to do do so or not.


I am off work on Wednesday as I have to take the dog to the vet which is 47 miles away and there is a strong possibility that she will have to stay in for a few hours. As I live on the coast and the location is inland the weather can be very different. I can type the location into the app to see what the forecast is in that area, if it’s good to fly then I can charge up the night before and take the drone. If I charge them up in the hope the weather is good when I’m there and it isn’t I have charged the batteries for no reason except to increase the charge count.


Paul. In circumstances like you mention I have to agree using the / a app makes sense.


Wish I hadn’t asked now, I only wanted to know how optimise it anyway worth 20 quid a year to me just for altitude gust £1500 v £20 no brainer suppose I could send it up with my Anemometer hanging…lol