UGCS Waypoint/Mapping Software?

A ramble to start with.

Back in the day when I built my F550 Hex I installed DJI’s Datalink Ground-station hardware. It worked really well both from the PC and the iPad software. I used it a lot at my local amateur radio club to carry field strength measuring equipment as an aid to designing and testing antennas.

In April 2014 DJI had a knee-jerk reaction when a drunken oik crashed his Phantom (2 or 3) on the lawn of the Whitehouse and they implemented their NFZ’s.

For the Phantom range these were graduated restrictions from 7km down to 3km, 3km to the centre of the NFZ was geofenced. However with the Datalink system they completely disabled its operation if within 7km of the centre of a NFZ. Myself, and many other Datalink users contacted DJI about this issue. DJI responded that they were working on a fix, even saying they were going to release an Android version too. However five months later DJI dropped all support for the Datalink, and trashed the PC version altogether.

I have decompressed the iOS ipa file on my PC to see if I could identify the NFZ parameters and resize them myself so they reflect the current official restrictions but I’m too illiterate in the language. I even contacted DJI for some assistance but instead they suggested I should purchase a Matrice and their latest RTK system :scream:

I recently came across some software by UGCS (Universal Ground Control Software) that can use the Datalink hardware, as well as many other systems including Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, Spark, and systems from other manufacturers. So I was wondering if any of the Pro/Commercial forum members have had any hands on with this software and what their thoughts were. The full featured package is quite a penny or two but it understand it can be used for free albeit with much reduced capability but enough for my needs?

My last approach to this problem would be to remove the DJI hardware and replace it with a Pixhawk and use Mission Planner, but being a tight fisted Yorkshireman, and I hate the idea of serviceable electronic gear going into landfill, I’d like to carry on using the Datalink.

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.