UK Drone & Technology Show Live - NEC - 1-2 Dec


Looks like a fun day out, take a litte drive up the M6 me thinks, perhap even an overnight stay with the wife…she’ll love it (NOT)


Ok which day Saturday our Sunday ?


3.5 months is too far away to decide, yet … and there’s a spattering of birthdays around that date that will have parties to be navigated around.


I’ve added a poll to the opening post to indicate which day you think you might be going - Saturday or Sunday


I have already got my ticket for the Saturday


Hotel booked, tickets purchased for Sat 1st…


So it looks like Saturday even though the vote is equal sat and sun


I went to the very first one, it was mobbed and cramped. I took a packed lunch and lots of drinks my mate didn’t and he regretted it. Oh I paid on the day. I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year though but it was a great day out.


Not sure if posted… I’ve booked Saturday… Should be good


So it’s looking like Saturday then…


Booked for Saturday, and Parking booked as well

I will driving up from West London (Heathrow) early, coming back later in the day when I have run out of money :smiley:


Hoping to be there - still uncertain as to which day it will be,


make it Saturday go with the flow


As I mentioned above, I need a best man to finalise stag do timetable before I’m free to decide.


your getting married
you kept that quiet…


Just want to bump this to see who is going and see if a Big old meet up is on the cards


Me and a friend was thinking about going


I fancy it , but its all dependent on Man City fixtures which day I go on


ask them to change there day…


Ok i have booked my tickets for the saturday
Thought i would bump this as its getting closer

@PingSpike @callum
Is this better in meet ups?